Distributed software Systems

A Telecom Paris master specialization

Distributed computing is essential for all existing and forthcoming IT and socio-technical systems: massive data processing, web commerce, cloud systems, smart homes, the Internet of Things, banking, etc. Modern distributed systems are increasingly complex, due to their large scales, heterogeneity, and need to adapt to change.

SLR (Systèmes Logiciels Répartis in French) is a teaching package on theory and practice of distributed software systems.

On the theory side, we offer courses that cover fundamental principles of designing distributed software in multi-core and large-scale networked systems, with a focus on concurrency and synchronization, as well as basics of formal modelling and verification of distributed algorithms.

On the practical side, we cover programming language support for creating distributed software, discuss technologies of large-scale software engineering, and give hands-on experience in architectural design of distributed systems.

In the 2nd year, the SLR program includes courses on the foundations of multi-core and networked distributed computing, algorithmic basics of blockchain, concepts and models for designing and developing distributed systems, as well as controlling their evolution using software components.

To validate the 2nd year program you need to collect at least 15ECTS (credit of six courses).

In the 3rd year, the SLR program offers an internal option SLR-3A, containing advanced courses on practical and theoretical aspects of modern distributed software systems.

Other options of the 3rd year include:

  • M2 Parallel and Distributed Systems track (PDS), a research-oriented master program ("PhD track") on distributed systems

  • M2 Computer Science in Complex Systems (CPS), the computer science track offered by Université Paris Saclay

  • M2 Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science (MPRI), a master programme in computer science run jointly by the Université Paris-Diderot, ENS Ulm, Université Paris Saclay and Institut Polytechnique Paris

  • A variety of international studies and research internships